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With an investment of 600 000 euros a Romanian entrepreneur out what's best in the Romanian fruit.

Organic products are one of consumption trends of recent years in terms of food and beverages.

Marius Macarescu, an entrepreneur recently entered the industry decided to bet on a new business with an investment of 600 000 euros made in a processing plant vegetables and fruit, bottled in Campulung Muscel juice 100% natural branded Profructta .

After several years of research, documentation and investments, in 2014 it launched the first production 100% natural apple juice directly on the shelves of Cora hypermarket.

"In 2010 I was on holiday in southern France and stayed two nights at a hotel that served us only with natural juices and jams packaged in glass. That's where we got the idea, seeing that they had apple and juice from berries and they told us that they have more than the minimum amount required by the EU fruit juice. Then we said: we are in Campulung Muscel, which is an area known for apples and berries, "says Marius Macarescu in an interview with event GPeC.
Profructta_3Fabrica Muscelean Profructta produce branded natural juices from fruits and vegetables packed in glass: 0.3 l, 0.5 l, 0.7 l l SI1.

Gama is a diversified under the brand Profructta is producing already apple juice and berries, apple juice and cherry juice, apples and pears, apple juice and cherry juice, berries, pear juice and vegetable juice mix.

The raw material is purchased from manufacturers in the Arges, Dambovita.

Obtained from carefully selected fruits and vegetables, cold pressed, no sugar, water, preservatives or dyes, short pasteurized juices contain vitamins and minerals Profructta beneficial for the harmonious development of the organism.

The shelf life is given a brief pasteurization in order to preserve vitamins and destroying microflora and microorganisms that cause fermentation.

"The only intervention we make the product pasteurisation - which in whole industry - to them can give the product a shelf life," says producer Arges.
Profructta_6La a 3-liter soda, head Profructta says it uses between 4.5 and 6 kg of apples, depending on the apple variety and condition. For example, the yield is better if apple is processed immediately after being brought from the orchard.

Those from Profructta say they have proposed to do huge productions, but they want to produce quantities in order not mean compromising on quality.

The selection criteria are some very tough fruits before they enter the processing. Two bands are constantly supervised employees, one before washing and after washing their fruit.

Campulung will start the production of honey. A machine has been purchased abroad and during 2016 it will be put into operation for the production of jams 100% natural, no sugar.

"It's a very good equipment that regulates the amount of sugar in sweetness and try to use only apple juice as a sweetener," said owner Profructta.

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